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What's New At Credit Matters?

What's New At Credit Matters?

Over the last few months we have been reviewing our website content. You will note a number of changes already and more are to come over the next few months.

More than ever, we are aiming to make Credit Matters one of your premier sources of essential risk management and news. If you believe the world is getting even more risky in 2020 which may affect your business objectives negatively, visit

In addition, we have kept our brochures to a minimum this month with an update by The Bank Doctor on the issues which the major banks face in the coming years, and an interesting observation by leading marketing strategist Barry Urquhart.

Talking about marketing, if you need to reach the people who need your services the most, contact Kim at and let us work out a very affordable deal.


Christmas and End of Year Greatings

Credit Matters will continue to adapt to the changing circumstances we anticipate will occur in 2020. I implore you to consider the same as there is nothing stable or static about doing business today.

It appears 2020 could be damaging for many in the business community due to the changing nature of business fundamentals with an anticipated down turn in global and domestic trading conditions. You will need to therefore concentrate ever more strongly on the basics of your business. This means following up promptly on all unpaid invoices owed, reducing liabilities, increasing your cash holdings and protecting your reputation. In addition, try to take advantage of the lessons learnt in previous years to make you a better business owner, manager or professional.

It is my hope that we all reach the end of 2020 with our businesses and careers intact and growing successfully.

On that note, I wish you all the best for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year with your family and friends and may 2020 be a safe and happy one.

Christmas and End of Year Greatings
Word Of The Month

Word Of The Month

Is the spelling financer or financier?

Whilst editing a document recently I noticed the spelling financer and financier in the same paragraph. I couldn’t help think is this a difference in usage, or perhaps a spelling issue.

Checking the Macquarie and Australian Oxford dictionaries there is no mention of financer, but financier is included in both dictionaries. Checking online dictionaries including the Merriam Webster (American), Oxford (UK) and Collins, none include financer. The only online resource to include financer was Wiktionary, but as Wiktionary isn’t a reliable authoritative resource, you need to take care putting any credence on whether or not it is a correct spelling.

Microsoft Word’s spellchecker marks both financer and financier as correctly spelled words, which is one reason people may inadvertently use financer and think they’ve used the correct spelling, when they really should have used the word financier.

A check of Google for Australian sites (sites ending in .au) produces 872,600 results for financier and 42,700 for financer.

As there is no reference in any of the authoritative references to the spelling financer, this would tend to lead us to accept financer is a spelling error and financier is the correct spelling.

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Future Opportunities & Possibilities

Credit Matters is continuing to grow and provide marketing and knowledge about financial risks to the Australia business community.

Futhermore, we invite marketing and knowledge ideas from our readers and contributors on how we can assist our respective firms grow. If you have any ideas, please contact me at

If you are interested in finding new ways to reach your marketplace, why not try Credit Matters. Our prices for advertising are very reasonable and advertising packages are on offer to make any cost, even more affordable. So if you are interested in reaching your customers at the right price, please contact Kim at for options.