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What's New At Credit Matters?

What's New At Credit Matters?

At Credit Matters we continue to add special features for people with an interest in financial risk issues. Our latest offering is A GUIDE TO HELP BUSINESS TRADIES GET PAID. All things being equal, it will be available from our website in a day or so. If you cannot wait, you can also contact Kim and he will send you a copy. You will find a flyer attached with this newsletter which you can send to any of your business tradie friends.

There are also three attachments from the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman about important and topical matters, plus a brochure from Absolute Facts on "What's Bugging You" In today's business environment, not knowing is not good enough and no excuse.

Finally, but not least, Credit Matters offers very affordable advertising packages to help promote your business. Contact Kim to see what is possible. 


Christmas and End of Year Greatings

Credit Matters has a number of new innovations on the drawing board and will continue to adapt to the changing circumstances we anticipate will occur in 2019. I implore you to consider the same as there is nothing stable or static about doing business today.

Unlike this year, it appears 2019 will not be as kind as 2018. I therefore believe you will need to concentrate strongly on the basics of your business. This means following up on all unpaid invoices owed, reducing liabilities and increasing your cash holdings. In addition, try to take advantage of the lessons learnt in 2018 to make you a better business owner, manager or professional.

It is my hope that we all reach the end of 2019 with our businesses and careers intact and growing successfully.

On that note, I wish you all the best for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year with your family and friends and may 2019 be a safe and happy one.

Christmas and End of Year Greatings
Word Of The Month

Word Of The Month

Is the spelling adaptor or adapter?

If we check the online British Oxford Dictionary, we’ll see the spelling as adapter, with adaptor listed as a secondary spelling. Because there’s no free online Australian dictionary complete with descriptions, Australians often refer to overseas dictionaries such as the British Oxford Dictionary, Wikitionary, Collins, or the Merriam Webster. Unfortunately, the overseas English dictionaries can lead Australians to use the wrong spelling, or a secondary spelling of a word. Using word-processing software such as Microsoft Office also doesn’t help the writer, as Microsoft Office includes thousands of secondary spelling variations, leaving it up to the writer to decide their primary spelling.

If we check the Macquarie Dictionary and the Australian Oxford dictionary, adaptor is the primary spelling and adapter is listed as a secondary spelling.

Even though both Australian authoritative references agree on the primary spelling, actual usage as shown by searching Google for sites ending in .au shows a fairly close usage of both spelling variations. For “double adaptor” versus “double adapter”, the search results are 15,000 and 11,800 respectively. Certainly not as clear a margin as you’d expect. For other searches the results can flip.

The US dictionary the Merriam Webster, states for the adapter entry, “less commonly adaptor”. It is possible, with so much American technology influencing our lives, the American spelling may be having a significant impact on Australian spelling.

For the moment, adaptor can be considered the primary spelling based on the Australian authoritative references, however, don’t be surprised if this changes in the future.

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Future Opportunities & Possibilities

Credit Matters is continuing to grow and provide marketing and knowledge about financial risks to the Australia business community.

Futhermore, we invite marketing and knowledge ideas from our readers and contributors on how we can assist our respective firms grow. If you have any ideas, please contact me at

If you are interested in finding new ways to reach your marketplace, why not try Credit Matters. Our prices for advertising are very reasonable and advertising packages are on offer to make any cost, even more affordable. So if you are interested in reaching your customers at the right price, please contact Kim at for options.