Financial Risk Management is Good Management

Financial risk management is one of the most important skillsets of management.
It is vital to understand the risk which is associated with all business enterprises, particularly your own!

Financial risk management is not just about debt collection, unpaid invoices and fraud.

How well do you manage your financial risk management issues?

If in doubt, Credit Matters is the right starting place for you.

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Better Business Club

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Credit Matters Better Business Club

If you are a specialist supplier of financial risk management products and services, then you need to be listed in Credit Matters Better Business Club.

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Credit Matters Information & Members Area

What's Your Question? What's Our Answer

In this forum we give you the opportunity to ask a question and have it answered by one of our associated business professionals.

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Free Members Area

The free Members Area includes special features which may not be available to the general public.

The fundamental purpose of our Members Area is to build an environment where business people and students can learn and understand the issues associated with financial risk management in the business environment.

Benefits when becoming a Credit Matters Member include:

  • Free copies of Kim's booklets on credit management issues.
  • Access to our online calculators.
  • A list of customer excuses for not paying their accounts.
  • Checking the signs that indicate your customer may be in financial trouble.
  • A free, regular and insightful newsletter.

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Articles of Interest

In this forum we give you the opportunity to ask a question and have it answered In this resource section the articles on financial risk management help you understand, learn and use in your business.


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Professional Bodies

Joining a professional body shows you are interested in the development of your career. There will be many professionals which will not show a similar initiative. Today, you need every advantage in this very competitive business environment.

Professional bodies provide the following opportunities and advantages and an acceptance of your professional qualifications by your peers.

  • Training and conference opportunities to maintain and update your qualifications, mostly at a discounted rate to that of non-members.
  • Newsletters and magazines keep a professional in touch with current information and legislation applicable to their industry.
  • Networking opportunities enable you to meet your fellow peers and professionals from associated professions.
  • The joining fee and annual subscriptions are reasonably priced and an investment in your long-term career.

If you are not yet a member of a professional body, review the professional bodies listed with Credit Matters to add value to your career.

Upcoming Conferences

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Credit Matters Blog

These blogs are designed to motivate business people and other professionals to improve their business operations to better understand financial risk management issues.

Improving the way you manage your financial risk management obligations, will assist to improve sales, cashflow and profits, whilst enhancing stakeholder relationships.

Latest Blog Post:

Business Models - Are They Valid In Today's Business World?

Kim Radok 21 September 2016

All too often, in the conversations between financiers or consultants and business owners or entrepreneurs, you hear the words "Business Model". Within these conversations, the theme is on the creation of your business, the purpose of your business and how the business processes are going to create a profitable business.

The use to the words "Business Model" somehow is designed to impart the impression, that the business is being built to specific circumstances, and all being well, the dollars will flow.

In this blog, I will review the concept of using the words " Business Model" in business discussions.

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Recent Blog Posts

Interesting Blogs & Newsletters

Interesting Blogs - Newsletters section is dedicated to providing our stakeholders with the best range of information and ideas. We believe our Interesting Blogs - Newsletters section will continue to help us achieve this objective.

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Credit Matters has provided important assistance to us in promoting our business. Kim is always helpful and often goes out of his way to keep us informed and up to date on Credit Matters - Ray Foster, Director, Investigator Upgrade

Kim Radok and Credit Matters have been of great assistance in promoting us through the Better Business Club and the regular newsletter. His advice is always concise and accurate.

Ray Foster Director and Training Consultant Investigator Upgrade

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