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Financial Risk Management is Good Management

Financial risk management is one of the most important skillsets of management.
It is vital to understand the risk which is associated with all business enterprises, particularly your own!

Financial risk management is not just about debt collection, unpaid invoices and fraud.

How well do you manage your financial risk management issues?

If in doubt, Credit Matters is the right starting place for you.

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What's your question?

What's Your Question?What's Our Answer

In this forum we give you the opportunity to ask a question and have it answered by one of our associated business professionals.

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Free Members Area

The free Members Area includes special features which may not be available to the general public.

The fundamental purpose of our Members Area is to build an environment where business people and students can learn and understand the issues associated with financial risk management in the business environment.

Benefits when becoming a Credit Matters Member include:

  • Access to our online calculators.
  • Mini conversation scripts.
  • Checking the signs that indicate your customer may be in financial trouble.
  • A free, regular and insightful newsletter.
  • Business Words & Their True Meaning

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Free Members Area
Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest

In this forum we give you the opportunity to ask a question and have it answered In this resource section the articles on financial risk management help you understand, learn and use in your business.


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Professional Bodies

Joining a professional body shows you are interested in the development of your career. There will be many professionals which will not show a similar initiative. Today, you need every advantage in this very competitive business environment.

Professional bodies provide the following opportunities and advantages and an acceptance of your professional qualifications by your peers.

  • Training and conference opportunities to maintain and update your qualifications, mostly at a discounted rate to that of non-members.
  • Newsletters and magazines keep a professional in touch with current information and legislation applicable to their industry.
  • Networking opportunities enable you to meet your fellow peers and professionals from associated professions.
  • The joining fee and annual subscriptions are reasonably priced and an investment in your long-term career.

If you are not yet a member of a professional body, review the professional bodies listed with Credit Matters to add value to your career.

Upcoming Conferences

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Professional Bodies
Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Government agencies are a source of helpful and valuable information to mitigate some of the risks of operating and managing a business. The information is designed to help you operate within Government guidelines and Legislation. In addition, you will also find information to help you understand your rights in business.

In today's world, ignorance is no excuse.

Credit Matters has provided these access details to Government Agencies to keep yourself better informed and help you to better navigate the world of business.

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Conferences & Expos

Upcoming Conferences & Expos

The following conferences or expos offer a great chance to connect with other professionals and keep up with the latest trends in credit, finance and risk management.

AICM 2017 National Conference
GCS Credit Community 2017 World Conference
IBAC Corruption Prevention And Integrity Conference

Credit Matters Blog

These blogs are designed to motivate business people and other professionals to improve their business operations to better understand financial risk management issues.

Improving the way you manage your financial risk management obligations, will assist to improve sales, cashflow and profits, whilst enhancing stakeholder relationships.

Latest Blog Post:

Credit, Risk Management, Business Blogs

Are Fraudsters "Grooming" You And Your Employees For Loss?

Kim Radok 14 September 2017

The word grooming is generally associated with the sexual exploitation of children and young people by paedophiles.

This word can also be used to describe how criminals and fraudsters manage to steal your business funds and assets. The process of grooming is essentially the same, whether it be for sexual exploitation or business loss manipulation. The reasons why you lose in each situation are also remarkedly similar.


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Invaluable Reading From Australia and Around The World

Contributing to our position as Australia’s premium Financial Risk Management resource, our management globally explores and surveys relevant and valuable articles published by respected professionals, academics and organisation. The articles offered here are suggested reading for any Business Owner and Financial Risk Management professional.

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Invaluable Readings


Credit Matters has provided important assistance to us in promoting our business. Kim is always helpful and often goes out of his way to keep us informed and up to date on Credit Matters - Ray Foster, Director, Investigator Upgrade

Kim Radok and Credit Matters have been of great assistance in promoting us through the Better Business Club and the regular newsletter. His advice is always concise and accurate.

Ray Foster Director and Training Consultant Investigator Upgrade

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