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The world has become far more complex since Credit Matters first started in 2001. Running a profitable business these days is an even tougher proposition with ever-increasing risks seemingly around every corner.

This situation will get worse for B2B credit providers and for all businesses in general, as the recession develops. As criminologists have said, “In good times people steal because they can. In bad times they steal to survive.” I would reclarify this saying in a modern context as follows.

“In good times, businesspeople often become lazy and believe that even if they lose a few dollars, the next sale will more than compensate for any loss. Unfortunately, in the current world, sales will be fewer for most businesses and any loss harder to recover. In addition, fraud increases because the fraudsters know few businesses have the additional resources, (time and/or money) to engage in expensive legal action – with uncertain results.

The best solution has always been summed up by “prevention is better than the cure” and much cheaper, I would add in the long term.

Contact Kim for more information on how to operate more profitably and to avoid the pitfalls of slow paying customers and bad debts.

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Credit Matters Blog

These blogs are designed to motivate business people and other professionals to improve their business operations to better understand financial risk management issues.

Improving the way you manage your financial risk management obligations, will assist to improve sales, cashflow and profits, whilst enhancing stakeholder relationships.

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Kim Radok 17 May 2022

Too many businesspeople these days ask other people to help them with their problems rather than accept, it is they who must solve their own business problems. There are times, as a result of unforeseen natural and man-made factors, the request for help is reasonable and appropriate.

When you are in business however, such requests, whilst waiting for a positive response, are often counterproductive. If you always wait for others to help you resolve your problems, this leads to missed opportunities to improve and stress test your business for success.

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Reviewing a Recession - A Calendar of Events

Updated December 2020

Reviewing a Recession
A Calendar of Events

Updated January 2022

Yes, the recession is now here and declared. However the full effects are not yet clear for every business. Despite the huge cost in commercial, social and people terms, there are always opportunities to minimise the damage or to perhaps survive and grow.

The purpose if this feature is to simply and briefly document the major events which are occurring in the hope we can all learn from this event. After all, there are many aspects of this recession which can benefit our commercial endeavours if only we can keep our minds open and emotions in-check

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Reputation in business is everything

Investment is everything you put in your business.
Selling the total experience of dealing with your business, is an essential component of business.
Knowing your stakeholders is of critical importance, as not every existing or potential stakeholder(s) can be trusted.
Reputation in business is everything

Investment is everything you put in your business.

Selling the total experience of dealing with your business, is an essential component of business.

Knowing your stakeholders is of critical importance, as not every existing or potential stakeholder(s) can be trusted.

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Credit Matters Information & Members Area

Free Members Area

The free Members Area includes special features which may not be available to the general public.

The fundamental purpose of our Members Area is to build an environment where business people and students can learn and understand the issues associated with financial risk management in the business environment.

Members Benefits

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Will Australia's Recession Be Worse Than It Had to Be?

Will Australia's Recession
Be Worse Than It Had to Be?

All recessions are damaging, although some are more than others. The differences between the amount of damage and ability to recover, will vary between recessions. For instance, with the current recession, Government support and interventions should minimise damage to a degree. However, it is the inappropriate actions of other parties which may negate many of the benefits provided. Consequently, this recession is likely to be more damaging than it might otherwise be, because of these other inappropriate actions.

This feature will put forward the key factors which I believe will make this recession worse than it should be. There is no doubt that the COVID19 virus is one of the main factors triggering this recession. The pandemic however, was “… only the final straw, which broke the camel’s back.” The pandemic, like the irresponsible lending which led to the Global Financial Crises (GFC), or the stock market crash of 1929, was only the final event which brought to light the fragility of the economic climate of that time.

In fact, we had been building up to this recession for a number of years. Unlike other recessions, we had an earlier opportunity to see and learn from the last business downturn; the GFC. Regrettably however, few people learnt the lessons of that downturn and therefore this recession will be worse than it has to be.

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A Conversation About Digital Money And The Cashless Society

Digital Money and
The Cashless Society

For some years, there’s been argument for the elimination of cash as a transaction medium. There continues to be a rightful fightback against the principle of a digital, cashless society.

Both sides of the argument have their share of highly derogatory detractors using false or misleading information. This discussion is about presenting their respective cases in a clear manner, devoid of prejudices and to review the information from a risk management perspective. After all, for many people, cash is their only and cheapest transaction medium. It is a sobering thought, that as the current recession deepens post COVID19, cash may be some peoples’ only affordable form of payment transaction medium.


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Buying or Taking Over Another Business?

Taking over another business

Buying or Taking Over
Another Business

Don’t ever forget Caveat Emptor - buyer beware - always applies when buying or taking over an another business.

As a risk management professional with 50 years of experience in the world of business, I have been involved with a number of business take-overs, and started 4 businesses on my own or in partnerships

This feature is a product of my experiences and observations.

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Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest

In this forum we give you the opportunity to ask a question and have it answered In this resource section the articles on financial risk management help you understand, learn and use in your business.


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Key Factors for Surviving the Recession

In this feature blog series we will cover what you need to do in order to survive the current recession.

Each week we will bring you practical advice and discuss a range of key factors to move your business forward in the changing economic climate.

Latest Episode:

Surviving COVID19 Recession

Episode 11. 10th Key Factor – Legally Putting Your Competitors Out of Business

Kim Radok 02 July 2020

There is no honour, or social kudos in putting your competitor out of business illegally. There may even be negative financial and legal implications if you have acted illegally.

Does that mean there are no other means to put your competitor out of business? Of course not. For instance, it is not your fault if your competitors operated improperly over the years and as a result, they go out of business.

It is also perfectly legal and practical, particularly as the recession proceeds, to want to see your competitors go out of business. After all, the number of your respective customers will likely decrease and the fewer competitors you have, the greater chance you have of making a sale. Now, I am not suggesting you deliberately target your competitors. Your primary focus must always be on survival and growth. Focusing on deliberately eliminating one or more competitors means you are not focused on your major objective of staying viable.

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The Sales and Capital Cost Replacement Calculator

Sales Capital Cost
Replacement Calculator

Due to our current circumstances around combating the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s totally reasonable to expect, or at least prepare for, a global slowdown – and even recession.

Two factors I've constantly encouraged business owners and managers to focus on – after cashflow – have always been the costs of bad debt write-offs and the cost of fixing mistakes.

Credit Matters has a produced THE SALES and CAPITAL COST REPLACEMENT CALCULATOR to identify the cost of replacing capital lost when the account is written-off or mistakes have to be processed.

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Sales cost calculator

A Guide to Help Business Tradies Get Paid

Help tradies get paid

A Must Read Guide For all Tradies Operating or
Thinking of Starting a Business

on key terms and insights is both
informative & helpfulfor all tradespeople.

Get your FREE compact e-book
for your mobile or ipad today.


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This is certainly needed and valuable advice, so well done!

Having reviewed “A Guide to Help Business Tradies Get Paid”, I believe this could be a useful tool to consider for any tradie wanting to start a business.

It is easy to understand and user friendly. It provides a good guide to jump start your business and relevant topics to consider before and after starting your business.

Having this document in your phone would be a good quick reference guide.

I have been in the building industry for over 40 years and would recommend this guide.

The information included in setting up a company is really accurate. The more planning and consultation you can do before starting up the better.

Having been in business for over 40 years, I certainly agree with all the set up advice.

This is such a valuable document for any tradesperson contemplating starting a business.

It is full of information vital to establishing a business from scratch including one of the most vital aspects of business, getting paid.

I wish I had access to this information at the start of my career.

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Joining a professional body shows you are interested in the development of your career. There will be many professionals which will not show a similar initiative. Today, you need every advantage in this very competitive business environment.

Professional bodies provide the following opportunities and advantages and an acceptance of your professional qualifications by your peers.

  • Training and conference opportunities to maintain and update your qualifications, mostly at a discounted rate to that of non-members.
  • Newsletters and magazines keep a professional in touch with current information and legislation applicable to their industry.
  • Networking opportunities enable you to meet your fellow peers and professionals from associated professions.
  • The joining fee and annual subscriptions are reasonably priced and an investment in your long-term career.

If you are not yet a member of a professional body, review the professional bodies listed with Credit Matters to add value to your career.

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IMA Bronze Member Supporter

The Bureaucratic Business

The Bureaucratic business lost its way

The Bureaucratic Business
A business that has lost its way

It used to be said that there were businesses which were too big to fail. We have seen in recent times that this old saying is not always true. Today, it is sometimes seen that the bigger the business, the more likely it is to fail.

- Kim Radok

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Government Agencies

Government agencies

Government Agencies

Government agencies are a source of helpful and valuable information to mitigate some of the risks of operating and managing a business. The information is designed to help you operate within Government guidelines and Legislation. In addition, you will also find information to help you understand your rights in business.

In today's world, ignorance is no excuse.

Credit Matters has provided these access details to Government Agencies to keep yourself better informed and help you to better navigate the world of business.

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