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Do you need help with any of the following:

  • improving your cashflow,
  • handling slow paying customers,
  • debt collection,
  • due diligence (credit checks),
  • protection from fraud,
  • help in understanding B2B (business to business) financial risk

If so, Credit Matters is the right place to start.

WHY - because Credit Matters is a dedicated financial risk management information resource centre for the Australian business community.

Our objective is to support business people and professionals to protect their cashflow and profits from the profit robbers of the business world. These objectives are more easily achieved through the use of well-tried and recognised financial risk management practices.

Company founder, Kim Radok, is a qualified Fraud Investigator, Certified Credit Professional and Adult Educator; with a career spanning nearly 50 years. His aim was to create a business resource centre for all people involved in business, irrespective of their role, or level of experience.

Credit Matters is, and always will be, an innovative business enterprise constantly looking out for new methods of helping business owners and managers maximise their sales, cashflow and secure profits. Understanding how a positive view of financial risk management helps to achieve these outcomes is essential. After all, risk management covers all aspects of business, not just debt collection, unpaid invoices or fraud.

The information presented within Credit Matters can be easily understood by anybody interested in business. For instance, Credit Matters "Articles of Interest" section contains an array of light-hearted stories, providing another insight on business and money related issues. A number of these stores started as jokes. However, there is nothing funny about losing your money and assets due to the actions of less ethical people.

Do you need professional assistance in credit management, accounts receivable, debt collection, fraud and due diligence, or a source of business finance? At Credit Matters we can introduce you to qualified and reputable businesses. Simply contact Kim by telephone or email at and he will organise a list of suitable businesses which may be able to assist your business with its specific needs.

We trust you will enjoy and find value in the many free features and forums provided. These features and forums are designed to assist you to identify and deal with the greatest financial risks and ensure your business future. If you are looking for information on dealing with your customer's payment habits for instance, join our free "Members Area".

Another great learning source and to keep up to date on financial risk management issues is our free newsletter. We welcome your subscription.

Credit Matters will continue to grow and offer new products and services as the business world evolves, creating new challenges around us. If you wish to continue to grow and develop your own skills and knowledge, Credit Matters is an ideal place to help you meet the challenges of the evolving business world.

Kim Radok - Founder of Credit Matters

Our Contact Details

Contact Details

Postal Address: 48 Guinevere Parade, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150 Australia

Ph: +61 -3 9886 6707 |Mob: 0411 649 261
A/H: +61 -3 9802 0608
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