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At Credit Matters, we understand:

  • risk awareness is a learnt skill that leads to reduced costs and increased sales & profits.
  • prevention of purchase and sales fraud,
  • improving your cashflow and profits,
  • dealing effectively with slow-paying customers,
  • debt collection IS asset protection,
  • the importance of due diligence and credit checks,
  • understanding insolvency and bankruptcy provisions’
  • understanding the issues of preferential payments.

Credit Matters is a dedicated and innovative Financial Risk Management Solutions Provider and Profit Creating Centre for the Australian business community.

Our objective is to support business professionals to manage risks, protect their cashflow & profits from fraudsters and other ‘Profit Robbers’ of the business world. These objectives are more easily achieved through the use of well-tried and proven financial Risk Management practices, which are effective - even in the most turbulent times.

Kim is a Certified Fraud Investigator, and Certified Credit Professional with qualifications in adult education, His unrelenting passion spans over 50-years with no indication of slowing.

The information presented within creditmatters.com.au comes in a variety of formats; making it easily understood by anyone interested in a successful business. 

We offer:

  1. segments of free information, 
  2. DYI solutions at nominal cost and 
  3. hands-on consultations/contract education – at very attractive rates. 

As with life in general, the business world must continue to evolve and meet new challenges. Therefore, Credit Matters will continue to grow; offering new products and services. Without a doubt, every business professional needs to keep abreast of business evolution, therefore, creditmatters.com.au is the ideal resource for current Risk Management and up-to-date practices. 

Kim Radok - Founder of Credit Matters

Our Contact Details

Contact Details

Postal Address: 48 Guinevere Parade, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150 Australia

Mob: 0411 649 261
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