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What Is The Credit Matters Members Area?

Credit Matters Members Area

The fundamental purpose of our Free Members Area is to build a resource facility where business people and students can find free information related to financial risk management issues.

The opening list of facilities on offer to our Members included the following.

  1. Access to our online calculators to better understand the concepts associated with the relevant calculators. The first two calculators deal with DSO and Settlement Discount issues.
  2. Mini conversation scripts.
  3. Checking the signs that indicate your customer may be in financial trouble - this list will also grow over time.
  4. A free monthly newsletter.

Since the commencement of Members Area, we have added

  • Members Special Resources where you will find classic articles of interest and other items.
  • The Experts Exchange – a range of topics covered by two or more professionals.
  • Business Inconvenient Truths
  • Business Words & Their True Meaning

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You may want to visit the Members Area occasionally as there will be a lot more happening as we continue to develop new offerings.