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Kim Radok 17 May 2022

When you start or operate a business, there is always the risk that your business will fail. One of the reasons for business failures is that businesspeople implored other people to act and help them resolve their problems or help them achieve their dreams.

Yes, there are genuine reasons for a business to ask from others in the face of unusual events such as COVID, or natural disasters like fires, floods and other similar disasters.

Today however, we constantly see and hear stories where businesspeople call out for others to help them resolve their problems. These demands and requests often occur because those businesspeople want others to pay for a benefit to their business, rather than pay the costs themselves.

The outcome of these situations is that the business becomes a follower rather than a leader, or is overcommitted and falls by the wayside when it cannot deliver what it has promised. For example, the constant demands for grants in disadvantaged areas or for new product development, to pay for new societal demands or other similar issues.

Meanwhile, whilst the demand for other parties’ support remains unanswered or yet to be granted, positive business and learning opportunities are missed.

The best action for any business is to:

  1. have the capital to be self funding;
  2. stay up to date for changing and projected societal and government demands;
  3. be aware of announcements from suppliers, customers and competitors;
  4. constantly seek self-improvement and being innovative; and yes
  5. sometimes being different to the pack being led by people with vested interests.

The evidence of the success of those businesses which subscribed to these thoughts is all around us if we care to look.

Support from other parties is always welcomed by any businessperson. The realities are however, if you keep waiting for these other parties to give you what you want, your business may never achieve its potential. There are times therefore when you just have to grasp the mantel and act positively in order to be successful.

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