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Kim Radok 14 March 2023

The truth of a “victimless crime” title is that there is very little information or action on why there are no victims. This belief is blatantly wrong because there are ALWAYS victims which are impacted negatively when these crimes are committed.

Unfortunately, in these modern times, do-gooders, the courts, bureaucrats and those who have never been in business, cannot, or refuse to see the costs of the victimless crime. These costs affect everybody involved in so many ways as these examples demonstrate.

The retailer – shoplifting is a major cause of loss and can reach a level where the business has to close and/or prices for all customers increase.

The distributor – where stock is stolen from warehouse distribution centres may be unable to supply customers with essential product. When the distributor costs increase because of increased protection measures and associated costs, again, these costs are naturally passed on to the customer.

Business and consumer customers – all end up being forced to pay the added costs for the costs of victimless crimes and is a material cost for retailers and distributors.

The perpetrators – do not escape the consequences of committing victimless crimes either. When courts fail to penalise perpetrators appropriately, the perpetrators often learn they can commit these crimes with little negative consequences to themselves.

Unfortunately, when this mindset becomes dominate in the perpetrator’s mind, they usually continue their crimes and the losses continue to escalate for all victims. Worse still, many victims often feel powerless to stop the problem, which causes further stress.

As an added negative factor, which is often forgotten by many, is that family members of the perpetrators may also become involved in these crimes. It is not unknown for instance for some of the more brazen perpetuators to even use their children in these crimes. This is especially pertinent when family members see the penalties incurred by the perpetuators are nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Alternatively, the perpetrator, and by default, their family members, may also graduate to more serious crimes.

In either of the above situations, the perpetrators may find in due course, that society will one day become aware there are no victimless crimes. As a consequence, society will then hold them accountable for their crimes with more serious long-term consequences.

At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a victimless crime. Whilst sections of society continue to act as though there are no victims of victimless crimes, negative consequences for all sections of society will continue.

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