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Kim Radok 15 June 2022

One of the best ways of reducing and managing stress in business is to periodically achieve a positive state of peace of mind. This state is created when you know the actions you are taking will likely lead to an optimistic outcome. Achieving this peace of mind however is the hardest thing to achieve, especially in these turbulent times.

Currently there are many factors which are disrupting businesspeople to the extent that many live in almost a constant state of anxiety. Other businesspeople of course are so determined and focused on their beliefs that they sail ahead without due regard to the realities around them. They then wonder what went wrong when it all fails.

A level of stress in business occasionally is good for us as it helps to snap out of any state of complacency and refocus on the welfare of our business. In many cases, this is when we find the best solutions to our problems. The real issue of course is when there is no relief from stress which then creates either:

  • a blasé approach of fatalism; or
  • where we believe there is nothing else we can do but keep on going in the same way as in the past, or
  • a level of fear that means we cannot see a way out of our problems.

On the other hand, we do not want to become complacent about our business objectives or past successes as this is another pathway to business failure. Our optimum state of mind should be to develop periods of peace of mind. It is in these periods that allows us time to relax to rebuild our resilience, plus clear the noise that has built up of negativity and which prevents clear thinking. In this state we are then in a position to better manage the complexities and dangers to our business when they do occur.

There is no magic formula for success in business otherwise there would be a template we could all follow and everybody would end up being successful. There are however, certain factors that can lead to the POSSIBILITY of success. These include:

  1. listening and respecting the words of proven business mentors rather than people of doubtful repute or with vested interests;
  2. surrounding yourself with good people well versed in their chosen profession;
  3. having the cash and capital available to properly fund your business;
  4. managing debt owed and owing;
  5. being recognised as willing to legally protect your assets and reputation;
  6. understanding identified risk leads to positive outcomes;
  7. being aware that digital tools are just that, tools of business;
  8. understanding that digital tools NEVER own money or buy products and services;
  9. properly employing professional employees with good reputations;
  10. being aware of political and bureaucratic interference in your business affairs;
  11. understanding social expectations on the behaviour of your business;
  12. not ever taking your eyes off your traditional and disrupting competitors;
  13. constantly seeking self-improvement and never stop learning or trying new directions, etc.

The above are the core factors of operating a business to achieve success, whilst being aware there is no guarantee that you will always be successful in business. However, by constantly being aware and operating according to these factors and with respect to current and future circumstances, you have far better chance of surviving.

Even if your business has to be closed down because it could not survive in its current format, the decision made will be done so with a degree of clarity because of your peace of mind. As the decision was not forced on you by others, you should be in a healthier state emotionally and financially than if you hadn’t. This will then allow you to move forward more positively in the next phase of your life.

In conclusion, one of the best ways of reducing and managing stress in business is to periodically achieve a positive state of peace of mind. This is achieved knowing the actions you are taking will, all things being equal, likely lead to an optimistic outcome. The importance of achieving this state cannot be overemphasised for your current and future welfare. As always, the decisions made when based on logic rather than fear, will generally lead to better outcomes in the long term.

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