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Welcome to Credit Matters

Kim Radok 10 July 2011

Like the title of our business – I talk about CREDIT MATTERS – or the issues and stories which help YOUR business get paid for its goods and services.

Typical subjects will focus on credit management, accounts receivable, fraud, credit claims, cash flow strategies, handling difficult customers and debt collection.

Where appropriate, I will refer to adult education, sales and marketing, because referral to these business disciplines  contribute valuable concepts when selling on credit.

My intention is to offer something for everyone interested in helping their business get paid for their goods and services. Whether you work in, or own a business, there will be something for you.

I will write about the mundane every day actions you should be doing all the time. I know it’s not sexy, but it’s all very necessary. Remember – it’s all about the cash!

For those of you who are prepared think outside the square, or a bit more adventurous, or just sick of not being paid, there will be something for you. Some of these strategies may appear a bit exotic and unusual. However, these strategies are designed to improve your cash flow.

Business today is not a static process. Business is a true living entity where changes are required to keep up to date. Furthermore, we live in a new age and so why shouldn’t we look at the old ways and improve them if they are not working.

Would you like to have your say? Please write and say what is on your mind.

It is only by reworking our knowledge that we can indeed find a way to the answer to the question that dominates most people in business – "How Do I Get Paid?"

For more answers, follow me on our journey through this blog.

May you be paid today rather than tomorrow.

Kim from Credit Matters