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Kim Radok 11 August 2021

There are no places to hide anymore, and your business sins, secrets and poor business practices are soon exposed. The major factors which are causing this situation are technology, people, the changing ethos of how and why you do business, plus the recession.

In the first instance, people through the use of technology are exposing their weaknesses and lack of common sense when using technology. Unlike some paper trails which can be destroyed or altered, this is less likely when we use technology products. The exception is when we don’t pay our subscriptions to use the products, or when the power goes out, or the system is hacked. Even then, if there has been a good backup process, a lot of information can be recovered.

People love finding out secrets and when motivated, are usually able to locate the secret because the users of the secret, failed to apply common sense. In other words, they told their secret to others, or revealed their indiscretions on social media, or they motivated other people to start looking for their secret(s).

Regarding the recession, in time, the effects of the recession on the global community, will come home to roost for those businesses with any weakness. These weaknesses will come about for these businesses due to their credit commitments to others, a failure to sell and get paid, the application of poor technology products, the employment of the wrong people, a poor organisational structure, etc.

The result of one or more of these factors will eventually see the business run out of their own, and/or other people’s money, being unable to sell to profitable customers, will have created a poor reputation, inefficient processes etc.

The major story for those businesses, which do come out of the recession, will be due to an understanding and adherence to the core factors of operating a business. These factors have been proven correct over the decades. Sure, there will be some new tools available and new ways to structure your business, which will continue to influence us as we operate our businesses.

However, the main factors of cash, a good reputation, quality operational dynamics, customers, suppliers, and the people who work for you, combined with strong business disciplines and ethics, which have stood the test of time, will become obvious.

There is no place to hide in business anymore because your secrets, bad behaviour, or both, are soon exposed. In good times, you may be able to hide these factors for a while. In bad times, such as in the current recession, and because of technology, your time is becoming increasingly limited.

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