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Kim Radok 19 May 2023

In these modern times, there is no excuse for ignorance. Too many businesspeople operate their businesses based on past factors which no longer apply. A perfect example is what is happening in the major cities around the world and the implications of the different world we live in post COVID. In a desperate attempt to remain relevant to the majority of their businesses and citizens, major cities are reconfiguring their business models.

If major cities of the world are reconfiguring their business models, it would be remiss of business owners and managers not to do the same for their businesses, irrespective of size. Today, for instance, many businesses are slowly realising their potential customers and society are demanding that your business operates in a specific fashion.

The problem is however, as business owners and managers are trying to adhere to the costs of the above demands, their potential customers reserve the right not to buy from you because your prices are too high. Alternatively, your customers may feel entitled not to pay you or your invoices because they have cashflow problems, or they just don’t want to!

Furthermore, there is also another dangerous factor; the ATO. Too often businesspeople forget the power of this organisation. The reality is that the ATO is the debt collector of the government which is currently broke. The ATO is also operated by bureaucrats who are beholding to the government for their jobs, and staffed with employees who mostly have never run a business and seem unaccountable for their actions.

Faced by these factors in an economic declining business environment, a businessperson or managers not understanding the influence the ATO wields over their business, can no longer use the excuse of ignorance for operating illegally or insolvently.

It is imperative therefore, that businesspeople and managers understand the above factors and many other factors when operating their business(s). A brief list of factors which those in business should be concentrating on include:

  1. that CASH IS the most powerful tool in business,
  2. debt is a potential enemy of survival and influence on which party controls your business,
  3. the importance and value of due diligence,
  4. how the world has changed dramatically post COVID,
  5. understanding how people learn to do good, or how to manipulate your business decisions,
  6. the exposure of directors to increased financial responsibilities in the event of their business(s) becoming insolvent,
  7. that governments are broke and their employees and others who have never operated a business, create additional costs for your business, etc.

By understanding these factors of business, a businessperson or their managers can begin to become more knowledgeable and avoid making bad business decisions because of ignorance.

Today, the most effective prevention tool for all businesspeople and managers is to know as much as they can about the factors which affect all businesses and now exist post COVID. It is only by knowing, that you can create an effective business because claiming ignorance is now not an excuse.

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