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Kim Radok 06 September 2023

It is occasionally stressed in business literature, that good manners and empathy are essential factors in doing good business. The issue of commonsense is less mentioned, however it is also an equally essential factor of good business.

The fact is that unfortunately, rarely are these factors applied successfully in many businesses because they are deemed too hard to measure clinically in dollar terms, create hard work and stressful thinking to apply in a meaningful manner. Regretfully, these factors are articulated by many businesspeople as a reason they are not prepared to spend the time and money on working out how these factors can be measured.

Furthermore, these thoughts, are against traditional views of “… you spend money to make money”, the philosophies used very successfully by fraudsters and cyber criminals today in their businesses.

In regards to measuring success in dollar terms when considering these factors, that process can be easily created and then measured on a long-term basis using technology tools.

When in sales, an occasional simple thank you is never wasted. Furthermore, often it is a key point of difference between your business and your competitors which rarely, if ever thank their customers. After all, thanking your customer shows the customer you really do appreciate their business. When another supplier for that customer is less appreciative and the customer just feels manipulated and used, they may transfer more of their business to your business.

In credit, accounts receivable, manners stand out as the key to resolving why problems exists, or understanding why an invoice remains unpaid. Meanwhile bullying the customer or sending yet another email, rarely provides the same return for the effort and cost expended.

Furthermore, when a customer has cashflow or other problems and makes an upfront contact explaining their problems, having empathy for their situation, is also important. After all, which one of us or our business, has not gone through similar problems in the past. A level of empathy, especially with a former good customer which is now battling, brings its own rewards to your business.

In either case, your business has not incurred further unnecessary costs, and often has a chance to sell more in the future.

Meanwhile, as is often found when analysing problems, unpaid invoices and the issues of repeated credit claims, a commonsense approach to these factors is also missing. After all, if your business tolerates these factors of business, then they will persist. It is increasingly obvious that commonsense these days is not so common. Yet, it is by talking directly with your customers in a polite and reasonable manner, or taking action to stop problems and credit claims reoccurring, that many of the aforementioned factors can be resolved.

The same goes when emails do not illicit payment or contact regarding unpaid invoices. Commonsense should dictate that if emails don’t work and there is no contact about the unpaid invoice, a polite telephone call made in the correct manner may produce a positive result.

In the volatile and changing world in which we all operate these days, three important factors stand out which will add value to your business. The importance of manners during all contacts, being empathetic when required and commonsense, cannot be emphasised strongly enough. Furthermore, with these factors in play, you are also presenting a clear point of difference between your business and its competitors.

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