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Business is a Social and Person-to-Person Relationship. You Cannot Have a Relationship with a Software Product!

Kim Radok 26 July 2018

No matter how efficient technology becomes, it will never own the money to buy products or services. Without doubt, business will be increasingly conducted via technology interfaces, but only after being set up by people. In addition, it would be wise to understand, business is always a social experience. One way to destroy that experience is to use technology which does not enhance the social experience.

You should also take head of all the Hollywood sci-fi movies where machines and robots run amok until a human comes along to win the day. As we have become increasingly aware, movies offer great insights into the future.

In business, we see the best business organisations employing the best of human resources and technology to achieve their goals. Those businesses which rely on the cheapest inputs, inevitably fall by the wayside in time, as there their focus is on cheap and not value.

Today, we see such a focus on technology to always provide the best solution. As a result, we often see the common-sense factor is lost, probably alongside the baby when the water is thrown out. Here are two recent examples.

A business friend recently lamented

“Currently, many companies don’t answer phone calls, but rather let the call go to message bank – then respond if they consider the enquiry real. Then, people doing business on mobiles, they simply don’t answer. I’m begging to understand why, because websites are loaded with “linking” and “pop-up” sites that I don’t want to communicate with them.

It all makes doing business much more difficult than it should be.”

In another situation, a global conglomerate operating in many countries, sent out an email with new billing procedures. This document failed to provide the name, email or telephone details of anybody which could assist with any issue associated with the new procedures.

According to a number of acquaintances, they are unable to raise their invoices for this customer in the terms demanded. One of the main reasons; the customer does not supply the information they deem is necessary for the supplier to include on their invoices.

There are times when technology is the biggest problem stakeholders of any business can face. Another perfect example are the scams which float around on email these days, the “Special Offer”, the holiday of a life time, the inheritance from some obscure person, the unpaid invoice etc. Employ the wrong people and you are a click away from business disaster.

Today and into the future, there is no doubt, the right technology will enhance the business process. However, quality and professional people are equally essential. Technology does not own money, it does not recommend your business, it is not efficient if used for the wrong reason and finally, it has no common-sense.