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As the recession continues and the fallout continues from businesses closing down continues, it is essential that directors, business owners and managers understand the ramifications. For instance, many businesses which will close down will be put into some form of insolvency administration.

To better understand the different types of insolvency administrations, Vince and Associates have put together a small number of introductory videos for general information. Credit Matters may add additional videos when and if they become available.

This information is for general purposes only and is not be relied upon. Professional advice must always be obtained before taking any action regarding insolvency administrations.

Vince & Associates is one of many of well-known respected sources of information regarding insolvency administrations and business reorganisation. There are many other reputable firms which can be contacted for further information.

Credit Matters does not endorse any particular organisation over another and is not paid for any referral, or for the listing of these videos.

About Vince & Associates

Peter Vince introducing the firm.

Voluntary Administrations

Paul Langdon providing a brief introduction about Voluntary Administrations.


Ian Grant providing a brief introduction on Liquidations.

All videos courtesy of Vince & Associates

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