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What if I don't have any details of a debtor's bankruptcy, I only know because the debtor stated he or she is bankrupt.

If you do not have any details of the bankruptcy and your debtor will not give you details, your debt collector can make inquiries and searches through government sources for you.


If my debtor is bankrupt can I still get payment ?

Sometimes, but you would need to give your debt collector all the details of the debt and any details you have of the bankruptcy.

If in the rare situations this is possible, your debt collector would then act on your behalf and try and negotiate some kind of payment plan with the person handling the bankruptcy.


Do Private Investigators carry guns in Australia?

No Private Investigators do not carry guns, not in Australia.

The only exception would be if they are licenced security guards and on duty as a security guard, then they might carry a gun. 

A private investigator is not allowed to carry a gun.


What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is something your debt collector or investigator would do to locate your missing debtor or other person you seek legally.


What is a "SKIP"?

A skip is a person who has left his or her last known address and failed or refused to advise his or her current address or where-abouts

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