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People Buy From Friends

Kurt Johansen24 July 2013



By Kurt Johansen


(This is a revised version of an email Kurt sent to Kim.  He has kindly adapted the newsletter to suit a blog for Credit Matters. Please read Kim’s blog as he explains why he was interested in Kurt’s views on business).


I love talking to my clients and working through email marketing issues with them.  These issues invariably get turned into questions

Three questions which are commonly asked are:

  • My products sell at the high-end. Should I use emails to sell?
  • I sell business-to-business. Will email marketing work for me?
  • I sell only to consumers. Is email an effective medium for me?

The answer to all these questions are an undeniably YES.

You see, email marketing is just a tool of delivery. It is cost effective, affordable and can be automated.


What all business owners should never forget is regardless if you market to a business, to a person and no matter what the price you wish to sell at is...

"People Buy From Friends" (please note my definition of friends in business at the end of this blog)

i.e. At the end of your marketing message is a person.

You can change the language to suit the person receiving the message yet they are still a person.

The key to successful marketing is to create marketing messages which will solve your prospects dramas.

So it doesn't matter what medium you send your marketing via ensure you focus on the receiver - a PERSON.

And this is where Email Marketing is so powerful.

It allows you to set up a series of email messages which all help to build a relationship with your prospects and stay 'front of mind'.

Because before they buy they will be asking themselves these three questions about you:

  • Do I like this business and its staff ?
  • Do I like the way they operate ?
  • Why are they better for me than another company ?

And once you have them onside and buying, look after them or your competitors may.


My definition of a 'friend in business' is (and this is from the customer's perspective):

  • A person who appears trustworthy;
  • A person who is respected;
  • A person who has a solid reputation for their market niche;
  • A person who appears co-operative with friendly help/advice;
  • A person who listens to the concerns, fears, anxieties, needs of their
    customer and offers worthwhile, meaningful guidance.

Believe In Yourself

Kurt Johansen



You can read Kurt's original post at


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