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Have You Sold Yourself to ... Yet?

Vesna Grubacevic30 August 2012


Are you sold on your business vision, products, services, skills and ideas?  Do you doubt yourself, not trust yourself, feel not good enough, fear rejection, etc?  Would you like to have fewer objections and questions from prospects, customers and your team?

The Key to Success

The key to business success is to sell yourself to yourself first.  Before you can be convincing to your prospects, customers, team or anyone else, first you need to believe in yourself and your products, services, skills and ideas.  If you have the slightest doubt about yourself or your business, it will be reflected in your behaviour and your communication.  In turn, any of your doubts will come back to you via objections, excuses or reasons from your prospects, customers and team.

For example, if you doubt whether your prospects or customers can afford your products and services, when asked about your prices, your doubt will come across in your reply -  in your tone of voice, your physiology and lack of conviction.  Your prospects and customers will pick up your lack of conviction and question you further about your prices, ask for discounts, etc.

Ask yourself now, out of ten (ten being the top score, and go with the first number), how much belief do you now have in:

·          Yourself?
·          Your products/services?
·          Your skills?
·          Your ideas?

If you scored yourself less than ten on any or all of the above, your prospects, customers and team will pick this up and will question you more than otherwise.  Once you identify and address the self doubts, you will be more certain and credible within yourself and to others through your behaviour and your communication.

Stop the Dramas

How do you respond when your prospects, customers or team question you, have objections, etc?  Do you take these personally and too much to heart or do you handle these objectively?  If you respond to questions and objections emotionally because your buttons have been pushed, your message will be lost in the delivery.  Your prospects, customers and team will be focusing on your anger, frustration, hurt, etc, rather than on the content of your message.  Ensure that you address your buttons so that your communication is more effective and is really heard by the other person.

It is in the Delivery
When you communicate with your prospects, customers or team do you come across as commanding or authoritarian?  Do you sound credible or unsure?  Your tone of voice will send unconscious signals to the listener.  While your intent may be to be empathetic, if your tone of voice is authoritarian or commanding, your prospects, customers or team will focus on your tone of voice rather than on the content of your message.   Your message will be lost in the delivery.  On the other hand, if your tone of voice sounds questioning, you will sound unsure and uncertain and your prospects, customers or team will question you more about your product, service or ideas/requests.

The best tone of voice to use when making a request or asking for business is to end your sentences in a level tonality, where your voice avoids fluctuating too high or too low at the end.  When you end your sentences flat, you sound more credible and believable.  Obviously, your product or service also needs to deliver.

By having total belief in yourself and your business, and by delivering your message with credibility, you will be able to sell yourself to yourself first, so that your prospects, customers and team members are sold on your products, services, skills and ideas.

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is thefounder of award-winning company Qt.  She is an author, speaker, the creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques, holds a PhD, a BEc and has over 30 years’ business experience, including working directly with CEOs, business owners and their teams to assist them to create exceptional results.  For more techniques on improving your business results, and for your FREE gifts, visit today or call Dr. Vesna on (03) 9653-9288.


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