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Debt Collection Calls ARE Customer Service Calls

Michelle Dunn15 January 2013

Debt Collection Calls ARE Customer Service Calls

Posted on December 9, 2012 by Michelle Dunn

I recently had the pleasure of being on a panel of credit and debt collection experts where we talked about all things credit and debt. One of the things we spoke about were the dreaded debt collection calls. As I have mentioned before on this blog and in my books is that debt collection calls are customer service calls. You are calling a customer about a problem with their account, it is overdue. I think when we put it into perspective, and see that this is a customer service call, it takes a bit of the fear out of it.

When you are making a debt collection call think of it as a quality assurance contact, and focus on that customers experience with your company. When a customer becomes past due, you are calling to find out why – is everything ok? Did they receive the invoice? Did they receive the order? Has their financial situation changed? How can you help them to pay you?

More and more businesses are having to make these types of calls and are not sure how to be compliant. The old collection calls have limited guidelines, business owners called when they were mad, and emotionally charged resulting in a phone call that ended up producing no results or negative results. The NEW though process to making these calls is to work smarter, be compliant through education and to be focused on how compliant and successful have you been with those customers – NOT how much money have you collected. This cuts back on so much stress for the folks doing this hard job – if they can worry more about solutions than how much money they have collected in a given time frame, they can be more successful.

Most business owners I know are focusing on compliance and education because they don’t want to end up having their collectors call broadcast on ABC Nightly News!

Michelle Dunn is an award winning author and self syndicated columnist who has worked in business and credit and debt collection for over 26 years.  Her 17th book is being released on March 1, 2013 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing titled “Credit and Collections, a business perspective”.  Learn more at and

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