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Attitude and Altitude

Geoff Flemming09 July 2012

Attitude and Altitude

I have noticed over the years of running a business that there has been an interesting correlation. Successes, wins, better results and just good things occurred regardless of market conditions but often directly proportional to my attitude and outlook.  

Your business is a reflection of your views, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, fears, worries, desires, and more.  You don’t have to believe me, check it out for yourself. It’s essential that you see how this might be true for you because you may not even be aware of the impact your mindset is having on your business. 

In being a leader making plenty of mistakes just comes with the territory. The key is being able to learn, combined with the ability to regroup. Good leaders are able to self-assess and determine in any situation whether they are an asset or a liability.

Self-Awareness - Being aware of why I do what I do as well as the impact I have upon others. How others react to me is greatly determined by what they think I see in them.  

Self-Knowledge - My ability to understand my strengths and my constraints. How I develop myself will to a very large extent determine how others develop around me. Am I a conduit or merely a cork in the bottle!  

Beliefs - Particularly in success and failure. Every successful person is someone who failed yet never regarded themselves as a failure. How I see it is how it will always be!

Mindset - A misguided belief that whatever you have is as good as it will ever get! Is my mindset a fixed or a growth mindset?

Personal growth - My plan to continue to grow and learn - or my lack of a plan! What skills can I learn to improve my attitude and outlook? Am I getting older and wiser? Or maybe more miserable!?

In John Maxwell's simple but powerful book 'Attitude 101' he says it all. "A person's attitude impacts their relationships, colours their view of failure, and defines their approach to success. Attitude can make you or break you."

"If you want outstanding results, you need good people with great talent and awesome attitudes!" 

You are definitely the only one who can determine what you will think and how you will act. You can choose to be the one to make your attitude what you want it to be. Your choice every day is either VICTOR or VICTIM.

The secret to having an awesome attitude is the willingness to change.

In the words of John Maxwell. "Who we are today is the result of choices we made yesterday. Tomorrow we will become what we choose today. To change your attitude means to choose to change."

By Geoff Flemming 

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