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5 Energy Drainers to Avoid in Business

Vesna Grubacevic16 March 2014

5 Energy Drainers to Avoid in Business!

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Are you constantly tired?  Is you lack of energy affecting your work performance, productivity and business relationships? 

Below I share the 5 energy drainers you must avoid in business if you want to have the energy to enjoy your work, keep the passion for what you do alive, and achieve the business success you desire.

1. Procrastination:  Putting off or delaying taking action on tasks in business is very energy draining.  It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to dwell on what you need to do, to delay things and to come up with creative ways to put them off.  Procrastination can have many other costs to your business as Kim Radok and I discuss in our article The Cost of Procrastination. Reference -

2.   Being a Worrier:  Worrying or being anxious about what could go wrong or happen in the future causes much emotional, mental and physical stress.  Worrying about tasks, meetings, phone calls and other business activities can lead to procrastination, with the associated costs mentioned above.  Worry and anxiety also clutter up your mind with negative chatter, have you lose your focus and affect your concentration, performance and productivity in business.

3. Workplace Conflicts:    Most workplace conflicts arise from misunderstandings and disagreements due to differences in personality and communication styles.  In turn, it can cause ill feelings between people, emotions to fester over time, and relationships to sour.  All of these take energy to think about and deal with.  Some conflicts arise from lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities or from preferential treatment of one employee over the rest.  Conflict can even arise because one employee overreacts to another employee’s comments or behaviour, as well as between a business owner and customers, suppliers and alliance and business partners.  

Think about the impact workplace conflict can have on your morale and that of your team, your and their attitude when dealing with customers, and the impact on your revenue and business results.  Unresolved conflict between two or more people in your team, can result in the rest of your team taking sides, which has the potential of dividing your team and reducing team effectiveness.  The most dangerous part of that dynamic is that a lot of the disharmony will occur “under the radar”.  Over time, this can subtly sabotage the team’s performance and your business results.  This subtle dynamic can also occur with business partners, suppliers, customers and alliance partners.  This is why it is critical to work through issues, however small, as soon as they arise.   

4.   Emotional Baggage: Out of proportion emotions (eg. anger, fear, hurt, guilt, rejection, etc) and self doubts (eg. not good enough, fear of failure/success, not being perfect, etc) drain your emotional energy.   It takes a lot of effort and energy to keep this emotional baggage stored, and often it causes lethargy and interrupted sleep. In turn, this affects your concentration, productivity and performance, and can lead to costly errors and rework.

5.   Toxic People: If you surround yourself with negative people at work and/or personally, after a while of listening to other people’s negativity, you may find your energy levels depleted.  You have probably had experiences where you felt drained of energy after speaking to a negative colleague, manager, supplier or customer.

Research has shown that toxic employees have significant detrimental impacts on a business.  Some of these include angry, frustrated and dissatisfied employees whose performance decreases or who end up resigning as a result of toxic employees’ behaviour.  According to one study, of those employees who choose to stay:

· 66% decrease their performance at work as a result of the negative environment;
· 80% lose time worrying about the negative incident/s;
· 63% waste time avoiding the offending co-worker/manager.

Imagine the cultural, emotional, performance and financial impacts of the above energy drainers on your business.  Avoiding these energy drainers is ideal.  However, once they occur, identifying and addressing these swiftly is the key to your business success.

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is the Founding Director and Performance Transformation Expert™ with award-winning company, Qt.  She is the creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques, holds a PhD, a BEc and has over 30 years’ business experience, including working directly with CEOs, senior executives and their teams to assist them to create exceptional results.  For more techniques on how to achieve exceptional success and for your FREE gifts, visit today.

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