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Due: Sep 2017

Occurred: Mar 2020

2 years, 6 months late

Cycle: 10 years

Global Financial Crisis '07

Due: Jul 2007

Occurred: Sep 2007

2 months late

Cycle: 10 years

Crisis '97

Due: Oct 1997

Occurred: Jul 1997

3 months early

Cycle: 10 years

Crisis '87

Due: Oct 1983

Occurred: Oct 1987

4 years late

Cycle: 10 years

About Doomsday Clocks

We are calling April 2020 as the start of the next recession due to the COVID-19 virus.  

Our business cycle clock is based on the concepts of the ‘Doomsday Clock’. Basically, there are two rudimentary scenarios; one regarding global warming and another concerning nuclear war.

For further information about Doomsday Clocks, refer to:

On average, business cycles occur every 10 years, notwithstanding the cycle prior to the GFC which lasted approximately 14 years. All good business people want to be ahead of the pack of frantic and panicking business operatives who suddenly decide to change their practices – post catastrophe. 

Understanding and monitoring our ‘CM Business Cycle Clock’ offers splendid foresight, along with which, your business strategies, practices and operational processes should transform when identifying the applicable business environment/s. 

As with all business situations, especially during difficult times, the old saying “The early bird gets the worm” becomes ever more pertinent – being “proactive” rather than “reactive”. Accordingly, it’s the people who forecast and prepare that survive with the best results. Maintaining a watchful eye on the ‘CM Business Clock’ is good practice for budding or established businesses.


Credit Matters has developed the ‘CM Business Cycle Clock’ to assist our business community with forecasting and acting on the variety of business cycles – to minimise or even avoid a pending financial upheaval. The foresight gained by this information is a great advantage over the alternative; that being merely waiting for the tragedy to materialise, which is akin to “burying your head in the sand” and wondering what went wrong once immersed in devastation. 

As invaluable as it is, the ‘CM Business Cycle Clock’ (CMBC Clock) only provides a general estimate of when a dire business cycle might occur. The information is not to be taken as a fixed time frame or estimate of a current or future occurrence; nor its cause. Therefore, it is not to be blindly relied upon. Instead, professional advice should be sought if you’re doubtful about any aspect.

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