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We are calling April 2020 as the start of the next recession due to the COVID-19 virus.  The property market clock is still operating as we are yet to see a collapse in property values.  We expect to see those start falling within the next 12 months as the flow on effect of the COVID-19 virus and resultant economic slow down starts to be felt.

The Credit Matters Countdown Clocks aim at presenting a graphical picture of the predicated time until the next downtown in certain sectors, based on historical data and average durations between events.

The clocks below represent the current business and land cycles.  Click on a clock for more on the theory behind each one and a history of previous events.

Current Forecasts

Business Cycle Clock

Due: Sep 2017

Occurred: Mar 2020

2 years, 6 months late

Cycle: 10 years

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Property Cycle Clock

Due: Jan 2019

3 years, 5 months late

Cycle: 15 years

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