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"And You Think Strawberries Strawberries Are For Eating"

The basics of this article, selling opportunities abound around us and within our own business. We just need to think of the possibilities.

It is also essential, our employees are aware of the potential and are given adequate training and support.

At the end of the day, our employees' potential to learn, sell and add value to their work, is only hindered by management.

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I have been impressed ever since first reading this article and I believe its message is as powerful today as when it was first published. It is a magnificent story, told by a master salesperson,  about the ability of a senior manager to turn around the business of a major New York hotel. Where once there were losses, now there were profits.

The theme of the article is about the benefits which accrue when you encourage your employees to participate in the business as people, rather than as one-dimensional employees.

It is said salespeople are born, but the definition of born is never articulated. Yes, there are undoubtedly those people which are born salespeople and consequently end up at the top of the profession.

However as I repeatedly stress, every employee is involved in the business is capable of selling. Indeed, their work is about enhancing the selling the products and services of the business which employs them. Your employees do however need the motivation, training, opportunity and realistic performance expectations of management to succeed.

Full Article: The article was first published in the Dun's Bulletin and then in The Key Business Directory 1986 or on the web under the title of "Think Strawberries" Excerpts from a speech to the Executives Club of Chicago by James H. Lavenson. Add

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