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The Head Wharfie and The Security Manager

Many years ago, before security cameras, a security manager was convinced that the head wharfie was stealing goods. Despite checking the head wharfie's bag each night which was in a wheelbarrow, nothing was ever found.

Finally, after 35 years, the head wharfie retired and they had a great party. At the party, the security manager went up to the head wharfie and congratulated him on his long and successful career on the wharves.

The security manager then said to the retiring wharfie, "Look. I know you have been stealing from us throughout your career, but could never prove it. Now that you are leaving, I accept you beat us fair and square. However, and there will be no repercussions, to put me out of my misery, will you please tell me what and how you did it?" 

The head wharfie thought for a minute and then said "okay I will tell you." This is what he said.

"In the morning I came to work with my bag in my hand. Each night I went home with my bag in a wheelbarrow, right!"

"That is right" said the security manager.

The head wharfie went on the to say, "The problem for you guys; there was one group of security guards in the morning and another group of security guards at night."

Credit Matters Comments

This old joke shows how easy it is to be duped into thinking you know it all, especially when you assume you know all the answers.

We also see how cunning and inventive people are when they want your assets and money. More importantly, the strategy does not have to involve an elaborate action, it can be as a result of simply thinking through the issues.

The moral of the story is; when in business, you can never afford to stop learning.

Never assume you know all the answers, and do not be afraid to ask the right people the right questions.


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