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The focus of all the articles included in our Articles of Interest area, tell a story which assists business people, professionals and students learn about financial risk management issues in business.

The articles and stories have been split in to two different categories.

Real Life Stories and References

These articles and stories are focused on how you can improve your business processes, business success against fraudsters, understanding on how people learn, cashflow and sales strategies etc.

We have also add learning stories on how people respond to life situations when money is involved. For instance, there will be stories about the power of money, how workplace issues influence people, or when dealing with customers and suppliers.

On A Lighter Note

People learn in different ways. As a consequence, we have included the jokes we see in films or on the internet. In each of these stories, we will illustrate human behaviour, which appears funny at one level, yet in reality, bears a real story that is not so funny.

Articles of Interest

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